NimoTV x Severnik Elite League Tournament with $5000 Award!

The Severnik team continues with the $ 5000 award winning Severnik Elite League without interrupting the big award-winning PUBG Mobile tournaments during the pandemic!

The Severnik Elite League, named after the Severnik Organization team and continued with great awards, is now available with a $ 5000 prize pool. This award corresponds to approximately 40,000₺ in Turkish Lira.

Severnik’s biggest league was launched about 3 months ago. In addition, with an organization of 256 people, he had included both Turkish and European players and the strong teams he invited in this league.

In the tournament of Severnik Elite League, which includes many famous Turkish and European teams, there will be a total of 4 groups, groups A, B, C and D, and will continue with the elimination method. Severnik Elite League, which will start on Monday, 23.11.2020, will end on Saturday, 12.12.2020, which is the last final day.

In the Severnik Elite League with a total prize pool of 5000 $ (approximately 40,000₺), the 1st team will win the tournament, the 2nd team will receive 1000 $, the 3rd team will receive 750 $, and the teams between 4-8 will receive 250 dollars each.